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The Truth About Scholarship Money

During my junior year of high school when I told my friends, family, and teachers that I had committed to UC Berkeley, they all were in awe over how I was getting a full-ride scholarship. That was great and all except for one thing: I wasn’t. The overwhelming amount of people have this misconception that being committed to a school means a full-ride scholarship, but what they don't understand is that "full-ride" scholarships are quite rare. Especially in a developing sport like beach volleyball.

In the article 7 Things You Need To Know About Sports Scholarships, Lynn O’Shaughnessy says“The NCAA dictates how many athletic scholarships each sport can offer in Division I and Division II. To squeeze out the maximum benefit, coaches routinely split up these awards.” On top of this, only football, men and women’s basketball, and women’s indoor volleyball give out full scholarships. 

The notion of athletic scholarship money may be a bit off for the non-athletic community, but among athletes we know that getting even a small sum of money is a great accomplishment. Since receiving an athletic scholarship is such a difficult task, it is important for athletes to do everything in their power to become strong players including lifting properly and dedicating their heart to the game. That's why at Jackson Strength we encourage all of our athletes to crush it in the weight room as well as the classroom. After all, you never know when that GPA is the difference between lots of debt after college, a little debt after college or maybe even zero debt after college.


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