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By: Krystal Jackson

Being a Mom is one of the greatest gifts life has to offer; a time when we give selflessly to our family.

A time when we do everything possible for our kids, even if that means not taking the time for ourselves.

In fact, I would say I was the queen of that. I would give to my kids, my husband, our athletes and my private clients. That basically left zero time for myself.

Long story short…….I got depressed.

Yes, the postpartum depression is real and I experienced it. I experienced it despite the fact that I told myself it would never happen to me.

A big piece of “Krystal” was gone and the time I used to have to care for myself was replaced by now caring for my two sweet boys, Dylan and Slater.

Ever since having our second boy Slater, I have had some major ups and downs emotionally.

The first year after having him was what I consider a “black hole.” I went to work five days after the birth for a few reasons, but mostly because I was “a tough mom that could do it all.”

From that moment on I was in “go” mode. After all, I am super woman! At least that’s what I told myself.

If you saw me at the gym when I was experiencing my postpartum depression, you probably didn’t notice anything out-of-the-ordinary. The gym was a happy place where I still felt like Krystal.

At home was when I was most depressed. This is when the lack of sleep, the constant cries, and giving all of myself to two boys really caught up with me.

I was not happy and that scared me.

I love my kids.

I love my husband.

But something big was missing……my soul.

On August 1st, 2014 I decided it was time to end this and make a change.

I had this great idea of doing something for myself for 100 days.

Things I did included: working out, meditation, naps with my boys (which was my favorite), reading, writing, going to concerts, and more.

It was truly amazing how changing my mindset to do something for myself daily changed my perspective on life.

I was much happier when I prioritized making the time for me and I have now made it a habit that is non-negotiable. I do something for myself daily and my boys and husband know that.

My mindset before was, “I don’t have time for anything.” Even if you don’t have kids it’s easy to find yourself thinking and saying this.

The point being, if we really want something we have to make it happen. We have to change your mindset and take ownership of our current situation.

Whether you are a mom who wants more time for herself, or an athlete who wants more time to be a kid, you have to change your mindset and make some changes in your life.

You will want to make some priorities and decided what is more valuable and important to you in your life.

One of my teachers suggested at least four minutes to yourself daily. She would say, “We all have four minutes!” Even if that means you get up earlier.

Now, I get up early to have my special Krystal time. I absolutely cherish it as it reaffirms to me that to be the best mom, wife, friend and business owner I can be, I have to take time for myself.

That four minutes has now turned into about an hour and it gives me time to improve myself by reading, doing yoga, journaling, working out, and writing like I am doing now.

If you are experiencing these same feelings and emotions, whether you are a parent or not, try doing something for yourself daily.

You can even write it down so you can see how much you have done for yourself at the end of the week.

At the end of the day, we can only be the best version of ourselves if we are happy and taking care of number one!!