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Tomorrow kicks off the beginning of the girls high school volleyball season with many teams starting tryouts. Since try-outs are pretty much zero fun for everybody (coaches included), we thought this post would be a great follow up to Krystal’s “Getting out of the Comfort Zone” blog from last week. Enjoy!!


#1 Be Early
This is true for tryouts and pretty much everything in life. In fact, I must admit that it is something I am currently working on.
Showing up early gives the coaches the impression that you are punctual, excited for tryouts and have your act together.
Also, it will help you to get noticed before everyone else shows up right on time. Which brings us to our next point.
#2 Stand Out: 
After 8 years of tryouts I don’t remember the kids who wore a plain old white or black t-shirt. I remember the kids who wore something that caught my eye.
5 years ago a girlnamed Katie came to tryouts wearing purple spandex.
None of the coaches had ever seen her 
play before but she was on our radar from the moment she walked in because of them! We nicknamed her “Purple Spandex” which definitely helped her cause that day.
Make an impression 
and wear something for them to remember you by. It could be a hot pink headband, blue shoelaces, or something else creative.
However, make sure you still look classy and well put together!

#3 Leave it all on the Court or Field
Be the hardest worker in the gym because coaches love the 
At the end of the day if it comes down to two kids with similar abilities, the hardest worker nearly always wins. Try your best to win each drill, game or even running sprints.
When you are 
done for the day know you have given everything you have and leave it all on the court or field!

#4 Be the Best Teammate in the Gym:
Be the best teammate possible by playing any position or 
do anything the coaches ask you to do.
You might not like the position you are playing but if 
your TEAM needs you, that is number one!


#5 Relax and Have Fun
Be yourself and confident in your game. You have put in the work, done the 
extra training and now you are ready to shine.
Relax and play the sport you love
. Coaches know you are nervous and excited so remind yourself to be you!
Bonus FOOD Tip:
Depending on what time your tryouts are, make sure you eat a good meal a 
few hours before.
You want to be on your “A” game so eating properly and hydrating yourself is 
super important.
No matter what time of the day your tryouts are, make sure to start your day off 
with 8-12 oz. of water followed buy a breakfast high in protein, good fat, and fiber!
A good example of this would be: a couple of eggs cooked in coconut oil, with a side of berries.
I really hope this helps you for upcoming tryouts. I have been in your shoes many times so I know 
what you are going through and so do your coaches.
Try to calm your nerves and have fun because it is your time to show off all the hard work and effort you have put in.
Have fun with it, you have everything to gain!