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Here at Jackson Strength we have certain goals that seem to keep recurring whenever we get a new athlete or general fitness client in the door. Basically, the females want fat loss and the males want more muscle. Now don’t get me wrong, they certainly mention other goals like jumping higher, sprinting faster, earning a scholarship, or having more energy. But fat loss and muscle gain definitely reign supreme as the top requests. So, in response we eventually developed some tricks to satisfy both.


Over the last ten years this smoothie has been the single most beneficial change to achieve greatness with our clients. As many of you can relate to, breakfast is the hardest meal of the day to get right. This is despite the fact we all know it’s the most important meal of the day (insert facepalm here). After doing hundreds of intake forms on new athletes, I can say that breakfast is by far the worst meal of the day for most. It will typically be either nothing, coffee only, or something ridiculously high in carbs and lacking nutrition like bagels or cereal. Very rarely will someone come in and tell me they normally eat a three egg scramble, cooked in coconut oil with added broccoli and spinach, plus a side of organic berries. This was our problem and The JS Breakfast Smoothie was the cure.


Water, vanilla protein powder, frozen berries, banana, spinach or chard. It’s that simple. Blend on highest setting for a minute.

What about quantities you say?

There are none. That’s the beauty of it. Make it how you like it. For instance, my wife Krystal loves her smoothies so thick she eats it with a spoon. Personally, I prefer a much more watered down version so I can absolutely chug it down and move on with my day.

I won’t completely leave you hanging though.


— We obviously love our Athlete Restore Vanilla for the protein powder because it’s a dairy free rice/pea blend which keeps you fuller longer and is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. If you are looking for a good store bought brand then Vega works just fine as well. Use 1-2 scoops.

— Opt for organic frozen berries if your budget allows it. When it comes down to produce that receives and absorbs the most pesticides, berries are high on the list. Plus, since these are frozen you won’t be washing them off.

— We recommend spinach and chard because they are tasteless in this smoothie. However, if the thought of green veggies in your smoothie is tough to wrap your head around then start with just a palm size portion at first. Once you get used to it, start upping the amount and even experiment with kale.

— Use as much banana as you need to make it taste good. The goal here is nutrient density and building on success. Worrying about too much sugar from fruit is largely unnecessary for a majority of fitness goals. Leave that to the shiny folks stepping on stage half nekked. We want this thing to taste good so you stick with it.


It’s Nutrient Dense: We just added a ton of fiber, protein, green veggies, berries, vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants to a meal that for most, was basically the nutritional equivalent of eating drywall.

It’s Fast: This smoothie takes five minutes or less to make and it can be consumed in the car and/or in class or at work. There are literally zero excuses to not have time for a good breakfast anymore.

It Hydrates You: Most people are chronically dehydrated and have no idea the role that plays in sucky energy. Random Tip Alert: Next time you get the afternoon energy drop, pound at least 20 oz. of water instead of reaching for that energy drink or cup of coffee. Should have you back firing on all cylinders within minutes.

It’s Beneficial for Everyone: I want you to dominate life and be the coolest person you know. This smoothie helps. It can help improve mood, athletic performance, energy, concentration, motivation, and overall outlook on life.

There you have it. One of our biggest tricks at Jackson Strength. Now it’s up to you to get after it!!