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By Krystal Jackson

Getting out of our comfort zone is something we ask our athletes to do on a daily basis.

We do this by having them do exercises they either have never done or just might not really like all that much.

Regardless of the fact they may not like it or it may make them a tad uncomfortable, they do it anyway.

They do it because they know it will help them in their sport, their mental game, and it can help them get one step closer to achieving their goals.

So, my question to you is:

What are you doing to get out of YOUR Comfort Zone?

For me, it’s actually writing this article.

I know in my head I can do it but actually sitting down and making the time to get it done has taken me quite some time.

So, today I ventured outside of my normal daily routine by writing this article and it feels amazing.

It feels amazing because this is something I have been wanting to do for a long time but I resisted because of the fear that accompanies it.

I know we all have experienced something similar to this feeling. We put things off for the perfect time.

Like starting to workout or eat healthy on Monday because its the beginning of the week.

Or the even more popular excuse to wait for after the holidays. I have used that one so many times!

But, the real thing that helps us all get stronger mentally and physically is doing something outside our normal daily routine, finding what our limits are and how far we can push them.

As far as working out goes, I am in a unique time of my life. I am not training for a full-time sport anymore or trying to get a scholarship.

I had to honestly ask myself what is going to motivate me to get out of my comfort zone and train.

The answer I came up with is to be the best I can be for myself, my husband, and my two boys. I really want Dylan and Slater to see a strong and healthy Mom.

I want to show them this by lifting weights and taking care of me.

This self-reflection has also taught me that I am very passionate about helping our adult and youth athletes learn to take care of themselves with proper training, nutrition habits, and learning to take time for YOU.

Like most mothers, it is easy for me to get in the habit of doing everything and anything for my children, my spouse, or anybody else for that matter.

But at the end of the day if I am not taking care of myself and making me happy, how can I help others be happy?

The past 4 years raising children have taught me a lot.

I have had the happiest of times and the hardest of times. The real change came when  I started giving more to myself.

I became a better mom, wife, friend, and mentor.

I want my boys to always remember that their mom took care of herself and I really want to pass that on to them.

Our body and health is the most important thing we have. If we don’t take care of it, it becomes sick.

To get out of my comfort zone, I gave myself a 90-day challenge. I did this on the advice of my business coach Julie Serot, who also trains at Jackson Strength.

Here it is:

— 30 days in a row of putting 50 lbs on our 100lb Dog Sled and pushing it 30 yards, three times

— 30 days in a row of putting 25lbs on the Dog Sled  and pushing it 45 yards, two times

— 30 days with one 90-yard Dog Sled.

I did it this way because the 90-yard Dog Sled is one of the hardest exercises for me. I structured it so I could work up to it, therefore increasing my chances of success to complete the 90-day challenge.

I am telling you about my 90-day challenge to help keep myself accountable. In fact, last week I almost missed my dog sleds but remembered at 7pm at night.

So, Dylan and I drove back to the gym to get them in. It was so important to me to get them done because I would have really felt like I let myself down if I missed even one day.

Then again yesterday, on my drive to LA for a class, it hit me that I forgot to do my sleds before I left!

So after my 6.5 hour class I drove 30 minutes to a gym I was told had a sled but didn’t.

I then drove 15 minutes to another gym and finally did my sleds at 8:45 at night.

It was that important to me. I have made it a priority in my life to show myself that I can complete my challenge and will do whatever it takes to get it done.

Even though I spent an hour finding a sled just to do an exercise that is 60 seconds long, I felt accomplished.

So, I’ll ask you again:

What are you doing today to get out of your comfort zone?

Consider giving yourself a mini challenge. You could even start with a 21-day challenge since some research claims it takes 21 days to change a habit.

See how you feel and go from there.

Try something that you feel makes you a better person and helps you achieve a particular goal.

It could be as easy as drinking a certain amount of water per day, drinking a Jackson Strength smoothie everyday, or as simple as going for a 10-minute walk.

Find something that makes you a little uncomfortable, gives you a little resistance and makes you a better person.

Watch as the days go by how much easier it gets and how much better you feel.

Use this challenge to do something for yourself every day and to create a better version of you.

From the youth athletes trying to make a certain team or earn a scholarship, to our adult fitness clients training to tackle life, we all have something to improve on. Let’s do it together.