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Dead Bugs with Full Exhale

What: Dead Bugs with Full Exhale

Why: This a great core anterior exercise that is easy and simple to do. Everyone wants and needs a strong core, especially athletes, and this exercise targets your abdominals without putting your back in any irritable positions.

Who: Anybody can do this exercise, as it is one that benefits athletes of all ages and any sport. For example, volleyball players require a strong core in order to maximize their hitting power and stay healthy throughout a season, while baseball players benefit from a strong core when trying to generate torque during a pitch/swing.

Where: Dead bugs can be done just about anywhere as long as you have a comfortable flat surface to lay on and enough room to reach your arms overhead.

When: Any time you want to strengthen your core and get a good ab workout in. Possibly during a commercial break, before bed, after practice, or even while waiting for your next flight if you don't mind people staring at you.