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X-Band Walks

What: X-Band Walks

Why: Any X-Band exercise, whether it is an X-Band Walk or X-Box, is great for activating your Glute Medius along with the external rotators of your hips. This is a great activation exercise that is often utilized by athletes before a game or workout to help prevent possible injury.

Who: The X-Band Walks are most commonly done by explosive/jumping athletes like basketball and volleyball players on the court before a game, although anybody looking to wake up their glutes could easily perform this exercise.

Where: On the court, in the dugout, at home, in the weight room… Basically anywhere, as long as you have a resistance band and a flat surface to help perform the walk.

When: Before a game, a lift, or any strenuous action that is going to require some major work from your glutes and hip flexors.