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What is It?

The Jackson Strength Family Academy is an 8-week online coaching program designed to get parents fit, strong and healthy while incorporating practical steps and tips to ensure their kids are living up to their true athletic potential.

After 15 years of working with families and youth athletes, and almost 8 years of having kids of our own, we know one thing for sure:

The results are always better when the whole family is on board.

We also know that there is a lot of confusion about what parents can be doing from the crucial age of 0-8 years old that will drastically improve the health and athleticism of their child.

The Jackson Strength Family Program is a coaching program that fills in the gaps of misinformation that many of us parents are exposed to on a daily basis when it comes to the health and athleticism of our children.

It includes:

  • Weekly online coaching calls led by Krystal and Curtis

  • Four 1-1 coaching calls for each parent/partner to individualize their program, troubleshoot and keep them accountable and inspired

  • Daily workouts that are under 45 minutes and use little equipment

  • JS Family Academy Shopping List

  • Jackson Family Favorite Recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks

  • Facebook Community for support, sharing, questions, and more accountability. This is the “Village” we have always heard about to help us raise our kids!

What Will I Learn?

During this 8-week online coaching program, parents will learn:

  • How to be a fit, energetic, and healthy parent that feels good in their body

  • How nutrition, sports and exercise strengthen the family unit

  • How to structure a whole family nutrition plan for fitter parents and healthier, more athletic kids

  • How to cook easy meals that are healthy and kids love

  • The safest and most efficient ways to workout for busy parents

  • How to teach kids to develop the work ethic and the mindset of a champion

  • How to foster a love for sports and exercise in kids

  • How to ignite athleticism from ages 0-8

  • The best and worst sports for kids to be doing between ages 0-8

  • How to get picky kids to eat healthy

  • How to navigate the pressure and intensity of youth sports

  • How to structure meals for better behaving children

  • Supplements that every family should be taking

What are the Results?

For any family that joins this program, the results they will see are:

  • An entire family that has more energy and gets sick less

  • A family who is aligned with their fitness, nutrition and commitment to their relationships

  • Parents who are connected and committed to their next level of life together

  • Parents that have way more energy and feel better in their body

  • Kids that are more resilient to injury and sickness

  • Kids that quickly become more athletic

  • Kids that are inspired by their parents actions, not just their words

Spots are limited. Click HERE to contact us now for availability!!