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By: Iya Lindahl

When I was coaching and training at Jackson Strength there were often kids who we would only see sporadically. 

When I asked them why they hadn't been in the gym lately, they would say they just didn't have time. But when a high school athlete says that, all I really hear is, "I have no idea how to manage my time".

During my senior year, I had a lot on my plate with AP courses, volleyball practice, lifting weights and preparing of my meals. So, when anyone tells me they don't have time to lift, I just know it isn't true. 

Throughout my life, time management has been one of my strengths. However, it takes preparation.

One thing that made time management easier for me was having a set routine. 

Each day I would use my time at school to get homework done instead of socializing during class. That helped lighten my load for after school, but there was still plenty to do. 

I live about thirty minutes -- sometimes an hour and a half with traffic -- from Jackson Strength and beach volleyball practice so I would plan to go to both the gym and practice on the same days because they are only five minutes from each other.

Each day of the week I would have set time for homework, practice, and lifting. If I was able to focus during that time and get my work done then it would not only ease my stress but also give me more time to see my friends and family.

Simply put, I scheduled the most important things into my week. Which brings me to my next tip.

If you want to get more athletic by lifting weights 2,3 or 4 times a week then you want to build it into your schedule. Just like you know when your practices are, you should know when your lifting is and you don't miss either of them.

You have to change your mindset.

I am very thankful to have practiced time management from an early age because now that I'm in college, I don't have to learn it. 

It's a good thing too because now that I am playing beach volleyball at Cal, I don't have the luxury of the "I don't have enough time" excuse. 

Saying that is just a great way to get benched.

I HAVE to get it all done. 


Time management is definitely a skill that develops with time and practice. The good news is that every day is an opportunity to practice! 

So don't use “I don't have enough time” as an excuse to not hit the gym because if you plan properly, you’ll have plenty of time.