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By: Iya Lindahl

Almost everyone has heard of the detox fad. Most of these diets claim that by drinking fruit or vegetable juices and eating nothing for a period of days, the body can be cleansed of harmful toxins. But what kind of toxins are really in the body that will go away by starving yourself and only drinking juice?

The toxins we ingest usually arrive on our food via pollution in our environment. And yes it isn't good to ingest poison, but even the food we love can be poison to us in large quantities. In the end, our health is dictated by the amount of what we intake. 

But back to the detoxes. When people do these diets they stay away from their typical junk-eating and intake more nutrients. While this is healthier, it is no justification for the success of removing toxins. “The liver, kidneys, lungs, and several other organs work around the clock to remove harmful substances and excrete the waste products of metabolism. They don’t need help from fad diets” (Detoxes: An Undefined Scam, Kamal Patel).

So don’t spend your money on juice cleanses that don’t work. Instead, spend your money on good, healthy, real food like clean meats and vegetables. That will make the real difference.