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By: Iya Lindahl

As part of a division one program, we wake up early to go to practice. 

As part of the number one public school, we go to sleep late after studying. 

Although this schedule maximizes the day, it leaves sleep as the last priority. This may be a good plan for a few weeks, but when the lack of sleep catches up with your body it’s game over. You may just feel fatigued at first, but it then affects your athletic performance, your academic performance, and your nutrition choices. Plus, for all of those 5’8’’ volleyball players wishing to grow just another inch or two, it minimizes your time to sprout. 

To get the best night of sleep it is important not to be stressed. This is why I make sure to take care of the little things during the day so I can sleep peacefully. On top of that, I have begun to put away my electronics long before bed and I have definitely reaped the benefits. Getting an extra hour of sleep is well worth not seeing the next episode on a Netflix series. 

Athletics and academics are the priorities for performing well, but in order to do that, you need to prioritize sleep at the top of that list.