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Services for Athletes Ranging from Amateur to Professional

Junior High and Under

Our Junior High and Under program focuses on overall strength, sprinting faster, jumping higher and injury prevention. After years of experience with hundreds of middle schoolers we can confidently say that teaching kids this age basic strengthening techniques and plyometrics is the best thing we can do for them. 

We use this program to give kids a positive experience lifting weights, eating well, and staying fit. Workouts are typically shorter and teach explosiveness and proper technique. It also prepares them for our high school program when workouts start to get more advanced.

As with our High School program, this program allows athletes to come in as much as they want. The more we see you, the better the results. It's a win-win!!!

We are also an ISPE provider and have all the forms ready to go!

High School

As athletes transition to High School, sports get more intense and their bodies need to be ready. As with all of our age groups, every athlete is treated as an individual. This is especially important as this is the age when athletes start to specialize in one sport and get overuse injuries. Individualized training makes sure our athletes stay healthy while improving their vertical jump, sprinting speed and overall power. Whether it’s an incoming freshman or an athlete heading off to college soon, we get them beyond ready.

Just like our 12 and Under and our Middle School programs, High School athletes come in unlimited days per week.

College and Professional

Athletes at this level get our most advanced programming as the level of their competition demands it. Whether it’s the High School senior getting ready for their Freshman year or a professional athlete in their off-season, we make sure these athletes have the knowledge and training to become the best version of themselves they’ve ever known.

Along with advanced training, we also cover advanced nutrition, supplementation and recovery methods.

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