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12 and Under: Building the Foundation of a Healthy Child

At Jackson Strength we are very passionate about injury prevention and if we had it our way, every youth athlete would start lifting before their twelfth birthday.

In our experience, the athletes that start this young are the ones that are the most bulletproof when it comes to injury and experience the greatest gains in athletic performance.

It doesn't take much time in the gym to get big results for an athlete at this age and we just want to be a small part of their regimen with 4-8 workouts per month. Or shoot, let us be a HUGE part as all Jackson Strength programs are unlimited. Come in 7 days a week if you like!

All workouts are short, fun, efficient and designed to reduce injury potential and increase athletic performance.

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Middle School

Our Middle School program focuses on overall strength, running faster, jumping higher and injury prevention. After years of experience with hundreds of middle schoolers we can confidently say that teaching kids this age basic strengthening techniques is the best thing we can do for them. 

We use this program to give kids a positive impression of lifting weights, eating well, and staying fit. Workouts are typically shorter and teach body awareness, flexibility, explosiveness and proper movement. It also prepares them for our high school program when workouts start to get more advanced.

As with our 12 and Under and High School programs, the Middle School program allows you to come in as much as you want. The more we see you, the better the results. It's a win-win!!!

We are also an ISPE provider and have all the forms ready to go!

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High School

As athletes transition to High School, the sports get more intense and their bodies need to be ready. As with all of our age groups, every athlete is treated as an individual. This is especially important as this is the age when athletes start to specialize in one sport and get overuse injuries. Individualized training makes sure our athletes stay healthy while improving their athletic performance. Whether it’s an incoming freshman or an athlete heading off to college soon, we can help prepare them.

Just like our 12 and Under and our Middle School programs, High School athletes can come in unlimited days per week. Anything that speeds up progress is perfectly fine in our book. Even if we have to work harder. We aim to over-deliver and that's why our results speak for themselves

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Free Workouts!

True to our mission of helping as many children and adults stay healthy and out of the doctors office as possible, Jackson Strength Academy is now offering free workouts on Saturday and Sunday mornings at 7am. These workouts are essentially group workouts where anybody regardless of age or fitness level can come experience the JSA community, culture and passion. These workouts are fun, fast-paced and designed for all fitness levels.

You can just drop in on any Saturday or Sunday but it does help us to know if you are coming so please fill out this contact form so we know you're coming!

See you soon!!