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Online Personal Training

After years of requests, Jackson Strength is happy to be offering Distance Programming for our athletes that live just out of our reach or across the globe. Our mission at Jackson Strength is to positively affect as many people as possible and this product brings us one step closer to that goal.

Here's how it works:

We get some basic background on you like your age, sport, goals and injury history. Then we identify the equipment you have access to. After that we do all the rest. We will design your program to suit your needs and email it to you with short videos explaining how to do each exercise.

Once you are done with those programs, we progress you to the next program based on how you did. Too easy? We make it harder. Too long? We'll make it shorter. Too fun? Well then we keep rolling with it!

In addition to the programs, you get unlimited email access to a Jackson Strength coach that will answer any and all of your questions pertaining to your workouts.

Our Distance Programming can be used for all ages and is as close as you can get to actually training on site with us. Plus, the next time you are close by you get to work out at our actual facility for free as often as you want while you are in town. We want to see you and meet you in person!! Just another excuse to visit sunny San Diego!!

Questions? Concerns? Fired up to get started? Schedule a chat with us here!!