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Krystal Jackson is a former All-American volleyball player for UCLA where she was a four-year starter and led them to top-five finishes all four years she played.

During her sophomore year she needed a shoulder surgery that took her out of competition for six months. 

This surgery plus the revelation that her father had Type 2 diabetes helped her find her passion for weight training and fitness and was voted "Most Conditioned Athlete" on her team a record three times.  

After college she played on the AVP Professional Beach Volleyball Tour and also represented the USA Volleyball internationally in countries all over the world.

After her playing days were over she became instrumental in building Jackson Strength with her husband Curtis. Jackson Strength is a facility specializing in training athletes of all ages, shapes and sizes. 

Due to their passion for learning and love of lifting, they were able to turn Jackson Strength into a premier facility for athletic performance and injury prevention in the San Diego area. 

She has learned from legends in the strength and conditioning world and holds certifications from NASM, CPPS, RYT and CFSP.

She loves lifting weights, yoga, yummy healthy foods, mentoring youth athletes, and spending time with her family. 

Curtis Jackson - owner/founder

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Curtis Jackson is the Founder, Head Strength Coach and Co-Owner of Jackson Strength. He is also the current fitness expert for DiG Magazine and contributor to About.com’s volleyball training page.

As an athlete, Curtis played collegiate volleyball at what he claims to be the finest institution for higher learning on the planet, Long Beach State. He also played professionally on the country’s premier domestic beach volleyball tour, the AVP.

Curtis holds certifications from The National Association of Sports Medicine, The Poliquin International Certification Program, USA Weightlifting, The CHEK Institute, and has completed the Elite Baseball Mentorship at Cressey Performance. He is also a Certified Physical Preparation Specialist under Joe DeFranco and Jim “Smitty” Smith.

He is passionate about learning and credits this for his success in the Strength and Conditioning field. As an athlete, Curtis dealt with chronic knee pain and two knee surgeries. This is the main reason why he is also very passionate about keeping youth athletes healthy and off the surgeon’s table.

Most importantly, he is happily married to his wife Krystal and is an ecstatic father two young boys named Dylan and Slater


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Jeff “Big Money” Tai is our very first hire outside of the family. He came to us as an intern at San Diego State where he was pursuing his B.S. in Kinesiology. Very quickly we recognized his value and passion for coaching and made him a part-time employee.

Once he graduated in the Spring of 2015, we were pumped to find out he had aspirations to work for us full-time. Jeff is known for his ability to relate to anyone, his positive approach to coaching, and his vast knowledge on topics such as Olympic Lifting, calisthenics and Ninja training.

Originally from Taiwan, Jeff moved to the states where played youth basketball in Texas at an elite level. Although basketball is more of a recreational sport for him now, he continues to train himself at the highest level in pursuit of being selected for American Ninja Warrior.

Jeff loves variety in his training style and loves to include explosive exercises and anything that challenges coordination.

He is passionate about instilling positivity into everyone he trains and that is big part of why he loves his job at Jackson Strength. Outside of the gym he loves to try new activities and recipes for healthy food and keeps up on the latest scientific breakthroughs.

Jeff has received certifications from USA Weightlifting and the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He is also a Certified Physical Preparation Specialist under Joe DeFranco and Jim “Smitty” Smith.

Chris Arrentz

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Chris started seriously training for athleticism while preparing to enter the military. While there he learned just how important strength, endurance, durability and mental toughness were to being successful in his field. He ended his service after 10 years as a Explosive Ordinance Disposal Team Leader where one of his duties was designing and implementing  strength and conditioning programs for his fellow teammates. He also worked with overweight and deconditioned soldiers, helping them lose weight and more importantly, helping them become all around more capable of meeting the physical demands that were expected of them. This really fostered his passion for training people and helping them reach their goals.

He left the military in late 2014 to pursue his AA in Health, Nutrition, and Kinesiology and is now full time at Cal State San Marcos. He loves training with kettlebells and finding new ways to physically challenge himself. He’s currently working on his Corrective Exercise Specialist Certification through NASM and he’s a Certified Fitness Trainer through the International Sports Science Association as well as a Level 1 Sport Performance Coach through USA Weightlifting. His hobbies include surfing, watching movies, learning about other cultures and reading and watching anything about Astronomy.