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The Jackson Strength Difference

In over a decade in the field of training athletes, we have seen many gyms come and go. And while we can't say for sure why these other gyms didn't last, we certainly know why ours has.


Since our inception, we have always treated the athlete as a person that has extremely individual needs and this remains the core of our training philosophy to this day. We understand that there are many, many factors that need to be taken into account when training athletes. Some of those factors are:

  • Age
  • Training History
  • Injury History
  • Goals
  • Flexibility (or lack thereof)
  • Sport
  • Position in their sport
  • Scholastic demands
  • Sport demands

We get all of this information plus a whole lot more during our initial assessment and then put it all together to create a training program specifically for the athlete.

But we are not done there. We are constantly making adjustments on the fly to accommodate unforeseen circumstances. Shoulder feeling a little sore? No problem. Exhausted from finals week? No problem. Since we already have an individualized program, it is very simple to make a few tweeks to do what's best for the athlete.

Our coaches are expertly trained to know exactly what to do whenever an athlete comes in and needs a modification. It is the focus on individualization and our ability to modify a training regimen that makes us uniquely suited to tackle the problems of today's athlete.

If this sounds like more work for us, well, it is. But it's what our athletes deserve. And it's what we want to give them. We want our athletes to know that no one on earth has ever had their exact program. We want the parents to know that aren't throwing their ill-equipped 13-year-old into the same workout as a mature 18-year-old, or vice versa.

We believe that strength training should be about building an athlete up, not breaking them down. In this day and age, athletes are beat up enough. Their strength program shouldn't be a part of it. 

It's piece of mind for you. It's piece of mind for us.

That's the Jackson Strength Difference.

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